Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Gone Loopy

This knitting project was for a baby cardigan made out of loop stitch. i took the job on not knowing if i could do loop stitch, but with the help of youtube  i did it and this is the result one loopy cardigan it so reminds me of when i was a small child i had one and mitts and hat to match anyway hope you like it call again soon 

Monday, 1 July 2013

Back again

Hi i been gone for almost a year and today i feel like coming back to blogger. so here i am 
i not done any cards has i got a bit fed up doing them, so i moved on to knitting i did a small teddy for a little girl and my knitting business took of from there. my facebook page has over a 1,000 members and orders are booked up till October, i just thought i let you see some of the things i have been doing  hope you like them .

this was a one of for a gift for a couple who got married on Saturday the lady said she loved it 

These boys are now in Australia i was a bit worried they not get there but they did and have a happy home there 

this was knitted for a little girl who was ill and it made her smile there was also some sandwiches see picture below 

These are part of a Christmas set i am doing  

This people have gone mad for i sick of see it but it sells well 

This is miss mouse children have gone mad for 

and this is our seller of all and have knitted almost 100 of them 

Anyway that is just some of the things i been doing 
Thank you for looking and call again soon :)

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A few for this week

Here are a few makes i made this week hope you like them

Thank you for looking and call again soon :)

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Some i done this month

I have not wrote in this blog for a while so am showing some cards i done this month well only three  has have not done much crafting of late  anyway hope you like them 

This one was made for a challenge about Gothic 

This one is for a Challenge about Fishing 

And this one was for a challenge about childhood this one made me win the challenge :)

Hope you liked them thank you for looking call again soon :)

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


I have done something different this time not a card but a nappy baby it is different from nappy cakes and a lot more fun.
Here is how it was done :-

First you need nappies newborn or size 2

Open out the nappy 

Start to roll the nappy up not to tight 

Wrap a elastic band to keep in place we ran out so used masking tape just as good 

Do this till you have lots i used about 30

Put together like this  arms and leg and head are held in place by ribbon or string 

Then add the baby clothes this one had a baby gro,bottoms and a hoodie 

Close up add a noo noo and wobbly eyes not shown in pic lol

Made two in the same way 

This one was done a different way has head was added last

Baby items added  and teddy

Done just needs cello wrap and pull bow and a great gift for a new mum 

They look great together 

Selina holding a nappy baby they feel just like a real baby lol
a great and different gift for a new mum 
what do you think ?
Thank you for looking call again soon :) x

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Angel Bears

I knit Angel bears for  angel bears here is the link

Angel bear, the UK's fastest growing family of knitters and crocheters who knit bears for children in crisis. Angel bears are used by police forces in the UK, US and Australia, major children's hospitals, hospices, women's refuges
Here are some of the bears i have done

Here are some i made and now to say hello to them

My first one Dudley











Will Scarlet


And here they are again ready to be packed and sent to Angel Bears.
Hope you lie my blog for today and maybe you feel lie helping Angel
Thank you for looking call again soon :)


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