Tuesday, 20 March 2012


I have done something different this time not a card but a nappy baby it is different from nappy cakes and a lot more fun.
Here is how it was done :-

First you need nappies newborn or size 2

Open out the nappy 

Start to roll the nappy up not to tight 

Wrap a elastic band to keep in place we ran out so used masking tape just as good 

Do this till you have lots i used about 30

Put together like this  arms and leg and head are held in place by ribbon or string 

Then add the baby clothes this one had a baby gro,bottoms and a hoodie 

Close up add a noo noo and wobbly eyes not shown in pic lol

Made two in the same way 

This one was done a different way has head was added last

Baby items added  and teddy

Done just needs cello wrap and pull bow and a great gift for a new mum 

They look great together 

Selina holding a nappy baby they feel just like a real baby lol
a great and different gift for a new mum 
what do you think ?
Thank you for looking call again soon :) x


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