Sunday, 30 October 2011

Abracadabra just like that part one

Has it is Halloween tomorrow i had to do this blog this is our pumpkin and what we did with it and tomorrow will be our pics with us dressed up ha ha.
here goes

With this wand i transform a pumpkin into a scary being lol

First chop its head of and take out its inside  yuk
Scoop out the insides and put in a bowl

Drew a face this one looks drunk lol

carve the face with a knife this is not as easy as it looks

Put a tea light in and light it and there you go abeacadara one scary pumpkin head

Pumpkin witch head lol

there you go very scary lol hope you like it


Saturday, 29 October 2011


Today I thought i make a sock monkey for my daughter has she always wanted one well sewing not my best thing ha ha
but i thought i give it a go so went on you tube and found a step by step on how to make one well made 3 kind of ha ha
there not the best things i have ever made but my daughter likes them and so do i.
Hi my name is Boris this is how i started my life

Yes i was a pair of socks clean one i may add unlike my friend smelly you meet him soon ha ha.

I was cut out like this out of two socks

I was checked to see if all my bits were there

Me after i been sewn together man i look handsome ha ha
Me just hanging around
Hay what you looking at ha ha this is my twin Hugo he cant see me because my maker could not find her button tin bless her

Here are all three of us the one on end is smelly our maker daughter gave her the sock for smelly but did not tell her she did not clean one so to late by then
This is me again had to pop back hope you like my blog ha ha I will pass you back to our maker now before she takes us to bits   Ha ha

Thank you Boris for that he forgot to tell you i had no stuffing for them so i used the inside of a old duvet washed of course  hope you like this l

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


I learned to knit by my Nana she had so much pacence with me and i lerened the rest myself.
For the last two days i been knitting mini baby garments for toppers for cards  i was asked to do some and if they like them then i will get a contract to supply them on a regular basis here is what i been doing hope you like them.

These are the finished ones before they are packed
This is the pink set the jacket is only a inch and a half a inch for the rest

These are the jackets they are a inch and half with satin teddy on

This is how the finished pack looks
All jackets done and packed
All the sets done and packed
These are all the order done
This is the blue set

I love doing them and i think they look so sweet what do you think ?
Thank you for looking

Monday, 24 October 2011


Here are two cards I have made using the glitter girls board tall stories

This one is the heart embossing board i love this color the insert was from the glitter girls as well and i put a peel off round the sides the little girl is from a card i had made a mess of and i added 3 small buttons to the corner and before i stuck it to the main card added some ribbon I think it looks good what do you think??

This one was from the tall book side of the embossing board the main one added peel offs round the sides then added a plan cream card,then one of the glitter girls inserts again and before added to main card put some ribbon the dress was from a old birthday card i was given i love this card what do you think??
both these card come with a stand and fit in a A4 box or enverlope.
Thank you for looking :)

Saturday, 22 October 2011


Did not think i get this done in time i sat down to do it and there was about 4 other thing i was do at the same time i wanted to do a tree decoration but ended up doing this card instead  hope you like it.

Friday, 21 October 2011


Today i made two Christmas cards using Humphrey's corner stamps from crafter's companion. my daughter colored them in for me and i did the rest. i had no idea what i was gong to do with them at the time but then i came up with these two.
This is the first one i found this silver frame and it looks good don't you think? i used some snow backing paper that was A4 and cut in half and stuck it on a A4 red card stuck the image to the frame ,and then to the card then added the happy Christmas peel off that was also red and that's the card done.

This was the second card he was suppose to have mistletoe in he trunk but i had a accident and had to cut it of, i cut out the image,and the shape for the backing out of what was left from the first card,used foam pads to put the image one with, the foam pads to put on the main card which is a dark blue one, then i added the snowflake peel offs and the card is done.

hope you like looking at my cards thanks.

Thursday, 20 October 2011


I just love working with sugar Nellie digi stamps and the cards i am going to show you are with the fist ever sugar Nellie digi stamp i got
i lie then because you can make a wide range of cards with them and they are fast to use if you need a card in a hurry.
This is the boy card  he looks so sweet

This is the girl card its the same as the boy card but in pink

This is twins i had to do twins but these are girl and boy mine own twins are two girls .
hope you like these cards.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


I am admin for a group on facebook called sell your crafts here
we have over 1.500 members and it a great group
each week we have a challenge to make a craft item on a subject I pick this week its scary and spooky!/event.php?eid=116181108490378 this is the link to it if you feel like joining in the fun


Here is Holly's brother Noel, i going to show you how i made him stage by stage hope you like what you see.

Noel says hello.

First you need the sugar Nellie digi stamp,print him of then get whatever pens to color him in i got the spectrum noir pens as i like them but you can use whatever you like.

And here is Noel colored in he looks good don't you think?

To make the rest of the card you will need,some backing paper for wall,some backing paper for floor,a card to put them on some Christmas peel offs and some oddments of white card.

Fold A4 card in half this is your main card

Next add the wallpaper to the card half way down card,do the same with the floor paper, to hide were you joined the two papers add a small strip of white paper or card.

Next add Noel to the room place him in the middle of room.put to one side for a moment.

Then put a Christmas tree peel off onto a oddments of white card or paper and color in do the same with the presents,and cut them out.

Now add them to the room with Noel like in the picture and the card is done and don't he look good  with his new toy train

Hope you enjoy making one of your own and thanks for looking.

Monday, 17 October 2011


I love the sugar Nellie digi stamps this card is made with one and i have made it into a Christmas card
using a background paper to look like a room and cut her out she was colored in with spectrum noir pens in red and green, and to give a Christmas look i added a Xmas tree and some presents
she looks like she sitting on the floor on Christmas day.

and i have named her Holly too it give a Christmas feel to the card
there will be another one coming soon her brother Noel
hope you enjoy this card .

She looks so cute don't you think

Cards made this week

Made lots of cards this week so here are some of the best one hope you like them
This card i love has it reminds me of our village

This one reminds me of a man i know

This one is a good card for a mum

This one is good for a teenager

This one is a Christmas card for a dog lover


my cards