Wednesday, 23 November 2011


We are having a Christmas craft fair on Saturday we have organized it and it's our 1st one so i have made these cards today 60 of them all done and bagged and labeled ready i brought the toppers of a good friend of mine on facebook Thanks Nicky xx 
hope you lie looking at them :)

This is one half of the 60 cards 

This is the other half  i love them 

This is the cards all bagged up with labels on there are 6 cards and envelopes in each bag  10 packs in all i am very happy with them 

This is a close up of one pack of the cards 

Thank you for looking and call again soon :)

Monday, 21 November 2011

fast card makes tonight

Tonight i done fast cards i think they are ok and easy to do 
hope you like them to :)

Here my reindeer i had cut his legs of so put a frame and you can not tell lol

This little girl is skating on ice i love this one 

This one is part of the bah humbug cards i finished it  i love the Grinch 
This is a snowflake lol 

This was the fast one all i did was i leave that to you to see if you know 

Well these are my fast cards thank you for looking 
call again soon :)

Sunday, 20 November 2011


Here are some cards i have done for some friends that do not like Christmas hope you like them 

This one is scrooge the tag says bah humbug i think the ghost of Christmas past has come lol

This one poor Santa did not get stuck up the chimney  he fell down it to 

This one is simple very easy to make but looks good i think 

This one is a fun one not so much bah humbug but bahhhhh humbug lol its a pic of sheep and i just put a Santa hat on them 

Hope you enjoy looking call again soon thank you :)

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Here are my home for Christmas cards there are from Christmas cottage delights c d ROM they are squeeze cards but i just decoupage them see what you think

I love the feel of this card there is so much going on in this card I love to live there ha ha
This card is a nice one well maybe not for the gooses
This card is main feature the robin we have a robin that comes every year to see us last year there was two so see if there is more this year not seen him yet
This card is of two gossiping dogs   ha ha you can just here them barking about the dogs down the road and the robins and goose having there say to.

anyway that's my card hope you enjoy looking see you again soon :)

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Well here is part two of my mouse cards these are not house mouse but they are mice lol
hope you like looking
This one is of mice carol singers singing to the forest animals and i added some snow sticker's it was colored in with spectrum noir pens and stick on gems added to the trees the little animals were just some stickers
I love this one i calling it Santa's little helper I can not remember were this little chap came from but i love him what do you think ?
Some more mouse singers they have such cute faces
This one is a good one i think its a mouse family at Christmas i colored this in with spectrum noir pens and just added a peel off it did not need much more and i think it's worked very well

thank you for looking at them the light was not very good and it does not show the cards well but hope you enjoy looking thank you :)

Saturday, 12 November 2011


Here are four house mouse decoupage i love the house mouse range and the best ones are the Christmas ones hope you like them :)

This one was just put on dark green card and a silver line peel off on i don't think this card needed anything else it looks good just the way it is

I love this one I put the image on purple mirror card it does not show in the pic and a sliver line peel off

This card was on a white main card and some mistletoe backing paper i got free with a craft mag image was put on some pink glitter paper and the same for the greeting

This card was put on a dark blue main card with a check backing paper free with a craft mag and some die cuts of tree and a greeting

Hope you like these cards look out for part two coming soon
thank you for looking :)

Friday, 11 November 2011

Flippin Christmas (Cards)

I love flippin cards they are simple to do and look really good her are the ones i made for Christmas, just some apeture cards with acetate on and a peel off round front the rest is there just cut and add sticky pads.
These have all been sold now so will have to get some more
hope you like looking at them

Santa getting ready for the big night

The inside of the card this is a lovely pic even down to the cat

Santa with is elves and hot choc all most ready for the big night

The inside of the card i just love the reindeer on this one

This is the same card above but showing the other side has it has front and back looks

Awww Mrs Santa in her craft room making cards like we all should lol

Inside the card what a mess bet Mrs Santa has to clean it up

This little girl is posting her letter to Santa this card is one of my favourite cards 

This is the inside of the card it reminds me of the village were my mum and dad used to live and how Christmas time was in the village

Thia in the other side of the card i had to show you this has it has a little dog with it coat on even the dog looks happy
I made two of these now this boy has a good set of tonsils on him

I made two of these cards as well I love this one just how Christmas should be 

hope you liked look at the cards thank you for visiting us please call again :)

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Fast and Simple

Here is some cards that i made this morning has could not sleep so did then they are just quickie cards but i think they look OK, see what you think?
This one is using a peel of on red and green paper and cutting out then putting together like a poinsettia with a bit of glitter added but you can not see that very well put on a long card and added a peel off with holly
These are just die cut toppers on a snow globe type card and peel offs added
This little girl i did last week and did not know what to do with her when i had done it so i added her to some snow card and done this one this morning

hope you like the cards it is nice to see what you can do when you can not sleep
thank you for looking :)


I thought i do some furry friends cards today they are from a CD ROM called Christmas furry friends they are not all here and they are suppose to be squeeze cards but i just decoupage then any way hope you like looking at them.
I like this one  all dogs at gate waiting for Santa

This one is lie my best buddy my cat SAM just like him
This one first time out in snow
What is this cat thinking dinner maybe
This is a nice one love the stockings
So warm and cosy with the fire
This one a bit blurry but the put has his present a giant teddy bear

Hope you like seeing the cards thank you for looking :)

Abracadabra just like that part two

Part  two was canceled due to illness


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