Saturday, 20 August 2011

Aug 2011

It is Aug already and must start work on chistmas cards have just made some new toppers for cards
Here are some cards i made with the toppers

This card was my first card i made with the toppers  it is a bookatrix card and i knitted the toppers

This card is made by useing a white card making holes in and useing pink wool
to give it a ribbon look and i knitted the toppers and put small bottons on it

This card i just love  i knitted this topper and put a satin teddy on

this card has white and blue lace and peeloffs i think it looks great

This is also useing white and blue lace and useing the small buttons to

I like to try diffrent looks to the cards insted of just putting the toppers on
hope you like them to

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