Saturday, 29 October 2011


Today I thought i make a sock monkey for my daughter has she always wanted one well sewing not my best thing ha ha
but i thought i give it a go so went on you tube and found a step by step on how to make one well made 3 kind of ha ha
there not the best things i have ever made but my daughter likes them and so do i.
Hi my name is Boris this is how i started my life

Yes i was a pair of socks clean one i may add unlike my friend smelly you meet him soon ha ha.

I was cut out like this out of two socks

I was checked to see if all my bits were there

Me after i been sewn together man i look handsome ha ha
Me just hanging around
Hay what you looking at ha ha this is my twin Hugo he cant see me because my maker could not find her button tin bless her

Here are all three of us the one on end is smelly our maker daughter gave her the sock for smelly but did not tell her she did not clean one so to late by then
This is me again had to pop back hope you like my blog ha ha I will pass you back to our maker now before she takes us to bits   Ha ha

Thank you Boris for that he forgot to tell you i had no stuffing for them so i used the inside of a old duvet washed of course  hope you like this l

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  1. I love your sock monkeys!! they are great - I am inspired to give one a go - I have holiday from work in two weeks (I can't wait) then I will get my sewing machine out and hunt for some socks!!!!



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