Wednesday, 26 October 2011


I learned to knit by my Nana she had so much pacence with me and i lerened the rest myself.
For the last two days i been knitting mini baby garments for toppers for cards  i was asked to do some and if they like them then i will get a contract to supply them on a regular basis here is what i been doing hope you like them.

These are the finished ones before they are packed
This is the pink set the jacket is only a inch and a half a inch for the rest

These are the jackets they are a inch and half with satin teddy on

This is how the finished pack looks
All jackets done and packed
All the sets done and packed
These are all the order done
This is the blue set

I love doing them and i think they look so sweet what do you think ?
Thank you for looking


  1. They are Fabulous good luck xx

  2. Yesssssssssss i got the contrct to surply them so happy :) :)

  3. you are soooooo patient, I just couldnt do anything that fiddly. well done hun......x



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