Sunday, 22 January 2012


The Ditzy-Craftymess facebook challenge today was to make a necklace using paper beads here is mine and how i did it

this is my entry the necklace is made from paper and the bracelet is made from old mags
First get some old mags or paper
cut strips with a point at the top like in the pic you can use a template if you like the wider the bottom the bigger the bead

Then start to roll up the strips of paper starting at the bottom add a bit of glue to the point at the top has you roll to the end
Do has many beads has you like like the ones in the pic
Space them out to see how you want them then thread string,wire or cord and fasten with a clasp or just tie to secure

You can then add a dangler or just leave plan
This one i added a rose from an old necklace i do not wear anymore

And this one i just left plan

Hope you like my blog for today call again soon :)

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  1. fabulous sarah, i love them both, well done hunnie xx



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