Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Rubber stamping with bleach

I tried rubber stamping with bleach for a challenge here is the step by step of how i did it

This is what you need paper towels,dish to put bleach in,stamp,card and bleach
Put a few paper towels in the dish and add diluted bleach

This is the stamp i used but any open image stamp will do
Here are some of the papers i used depending on the paper for different results

Next place the stamp in the bleach and press down do not blob up and down has you will get bubbles

Next place the stamp on the paper you have picked and press down

This is to show you what happens when you blob up and down in the bleach you are trying not to let it bubble

These are some of the results i got has different paper make different results

I then cut out the flowers when the bleach was dry

I then added them to a card as seen above

Here is a close up of my card
I had a great time stamping with bleach why not try it and see
Thank you for visiting my blog call again soon :)


  1. oh wow sarah, i love your tutorial hun xx gorjuss card at the end as well xx

  2. great tut! Never heard of it before!
    dawn xx



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