Monday, 21 November 2011

fast card makes tonight

Tonight i done fast cards i think they are ok and easy to do 
hope you like them to :)

Here my reindeer i had cut his legs of so put a frame and you can not tell lol

This little girl is skating on ice i love this one 

This one is part of the bah humbug cards i finished it  i love the Grinch 
This is a snowflake lol 

This was the fast one all i did was i leave that to you to see if you know 

Well these are my fast cards thank you for looking 
call again soon :)


  1. I specially like the last card Sarah - and the poor legless reindeer!!

    Catherine x

  2. thank you Catherine yes i had a pom pom roll on the craft table and i thought it was a spider i was cutting him at the time so one leg was cut of then i cut them all of lol

  3. Gorgeous cards but I do love the snowflake card.. Chris xx

  4. Wonderful cards! The snowflake card is just stunning.




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