Thursday, 10 November 2011

Fast and Simple

Here is some cards that i made this morning has could not sleep so did then they are just quickie cards but i think they look OK, see what you think?
This one is using a peel of on red and green paper and cutting out then putting together like a poinsettia with a bit of glitter added but you can not see that very well put on a long card and added a peel off with holly
These are just die cut toppers on a snow globe type card and peel offs added
This little girl i did last week and did not know what to do with her when i had done it so i added her to some snow card and done this one this morning

hope you like the cards it is nice to see what you can do when you can not sleep
thank you for looking :)


  1. Lovely cards Sarah.

    Catherine x

  2. these are lovely, simple but effective, well done x



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