Friday, 11 November 2011

Flippin Christmas (Cards)

I love flippin cards they are simple to do and look really good her are the ones i made for Christmas, just some apeture cards with acetate on and a peel off round front the rest is there just cut and add sticky pads.
These have all been sold now so will have to get some more
hope you like looking at them

Santa getting ready for the big night

The inside of the card this is a lovely pic even down to the cat

Santa with is elves and hot choc all most ready for the big night

The inside of the card i just love the reindeer on this one

This is the same card above but showing the other side has it has front and back looks

Awww Mrs Santa in her craft room making cards like we all should lol

Inside the card what a mess bet Mrs Santa has to clean it up

This little girl is posting her letter to Santa this card is one of my favourite cards 

This is the inside of the card it reminds me of the village were my mum and dad used to live and how Christmas time was in the village

Thia in the other side of the card i had to show you this has it has a little dog with it coat on even the dog looks happy
I made two of these now this boy has a good set of tonsils on him

I made two of these cards as well I love this one just how Christmas should be 

hope you liked look at the cards thank you for visiting us please call again :)


  1. Lovely selection of cards, love them all xx

  2. I love the flippin cards, but haven't made any of these ones yet.

    Catherine x



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